Nelson sandals are hand made from vegetable tanned leather. Each skin is carefully selected for its natural look so there may be variations in colour and texture. These variations are not seen as faults but are part of the individual nature of the leather.

Vegetable tanned leather is completely natural, with no synthetic top finishes, so the surface of your sandals will change over time. Lighter colours may darken with exposure to the sun, small scratches may appear and exposure to water may create spots.

The patina created by daily wear will give life to your sandals and like many things on this earth, will fade and evolve.

Occasionally we use suede and other specialty materials for our collections. We waterproof these before sending to you, however you may want to re apply protector from time to time.

Trust us, your shoes will last longer if you re-sole them regularly. The rubber sole can be replaced at your local leather goods repair store.

If you’d like further advice on how to care for your sandals please email us at or pop into your local repair shop and have a chat